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how can this be so short

Hey there Daniel, I'm writing up a short preview of Frozen World, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions on the game for the article? If you'd like to do this privately, please grab me over on twitter @gamevinefirst

I'm more than happy to do so. I'll poke you on twitter momentarily.


For what's here, it's pretty damn awesome, just wish there was more! It's already got fantastic sound design and pixel art, but I can't speak to any combat or even the story. I hope you don't leave this here, it's a great start!


Thanks man! I'm glad you really liked it.  Unfortunately, I cant claim the pixel art praise, as that belongs to Ansimuz and Rvros' amazing stuff, but I did put a lot of effort into the sound, so I'm glad that came through :D

But yeah; assuming infinite time and skill, there would be expansive combat, dodge rolls included, skill trees, level ups, all that good stuff. I have big plans for this one,  but it was suuuch a short time that so much had to be thrown out, including things that made the narrative make a bit more sense, unfortunately.  There is supposed to be more game both before and after this sequence that didn't make it.

I love that you want more - so many in-person testers said the same - and its a good sign that I'm headed in the right direction with this.

I still have the concepts and other design documents, and I'm expanding on it every once in a while.  So while It'll be some time before I get back to it - I am still studying after all - I WILL get back to it, you have my word on that one.  Thanks again :)

want some help with the game art/design?

Apologies for taking to long to reply.

Not at present, but one day I may need someone. I'm by no means an artist, but I do want to at least try my hand at pixel art before offloading that task to someone else.

Thank you for the offer, though!